A little story

As I've mentioned earlier my name is Axel and I'm born and raised in the Netherlands. I grew up in a small countryside village that I left to pursue a design career in the 'big city' — Amsterdam.

Before I started my freelance journey, I gained my experience from working at various agencies like J. Walter Thompson (JWT) and MediaMonks — for clients like Condé Nast, Airbnb, Weber, and Mercedes to name a few.

Now that list is a bit longer ;-)

Crafting beautiful digital products is a passion for me. It's what I love doing (almost) every single day.

Outside of work I like to spend my time traveling, exploring new food places, listening to audiobooks, and staying healthy.

Random facts

  • I have been a Fashion Model
  • I speak more English than Dutch
  • I live in sunny Bulgaria
  • I used to be a Semi-Pro Call of Duty player
  • I hate rain (the reason I moved ha ha)